Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment

About Allies at Work

Allies at Work, written by Dr. David M. Hall in partnership with Out & Equal, is our first full-length publication dedicated to workplace.  Dr. Hall's new book Allies at Work details the importance of LGBT allies in shaping workplace climates, the business case for developing a strong ally program at work, and the cultural competencies required to understand the closet.   Allies at Work serves an important mission of helping establish an open dialogue to engage new and old allies in support of workplace equality for all people.

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Book Synopsis

Dr. David M. Hall began his lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy work while he was just a teenager.

It was after learning in his high school human sexuality class about the historical treatment of the LGBT community that he was struck with the urgency to become a straight ally, even if he did not know anyone at the time who would benefit from his work.

He would soon immerse himself into fighting for LGBT rights, a devotion that prompted him to write, Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment to encourage others to become straight allies.

Through extensive research, the book offers a guide to create cultural change in the workplace, developing work environments that fully include everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates has partnered with Hall on the book, which details the importance of LGBT allies in shaping workplace climates, the business case for developing a strong ally program at work, and the cultural competencies required to understand the impact of living in the closet.

In Allies at Work, Hall provides the framework for teaching what he calls “cultural competency,” which is the removal of all assumption and enforcement of heterosexuality in the workplace, creating environments in which everyone is equal.

Throughout the book, Hall, a workplace productivity consultant, utilizes the personal struggles and daily challenges of numerous LGBT people to underscore the need for straight allies to actively pursue and work toward creating equality in the workplace.

The book is a valuable resource not only for allies, but for the LGBT workforce, introducing them to challenges faced by members of their own community, while also encouraging them to become actively involved in their companies' employee resource groups and by joining or starting Out & Equal affiliates.

Allies at Work doesn’t only inspire straight allies into action, but it helps shape a future in which everyone can be out and equal.

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Praise for Allies at Work

"Continuing to harness the power of a more diverse workplace remains vital to the quest for a more equal America and Dr. Hall's Allies at Work should be required reading for every corporate leader in America."
Lisa Sherman
Executive Vice President and General Manager
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“From one great ally to the potential army of others, David Hall provides compelling incentives and good, practical guidance on how to successfully create a safe and productive workplace for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees and the countless others who love them.”
Brian McNaught

“In Allies at Work, Dr David Hall cleanly breaks down the wall of privilege that often blocks full inclusion for LGBT employees. He eloquently changes a reader's potential biased beliefs and assumptions.”
Meghan Stabler
National LGBT Activist

“David Hall… is an intelligent, hardworking man who brings a combination of grassroots experience and sincere commitment… David is an optimist who confronts problems by actively seeking ways to improve society.”
Hon. Edward G. Rendell
Governor of Pennsylvania

Allies At Work is an indispensable asset that fills a void in LGBT workplace advocacy reference material.  Allies, employee resource group sponsors, senior managers, human resource and diversity professionals and LGBT leaders should consider Allies At Work a must-read."
Louise Young, Ph.D.
Founder, Raytheon Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Employee Resource Group

“This important new book takes on the missing link for workplace advocates on LGBT issues:  heterosexual allies.  Allies have played an important role in creating welcoming workplaces, but until this book came along, they were often invisible.”
Lee Badgett, Ph.D.
Research Director, Williams Institute

“Dr. Hall offers valuable tools and actionable steps to help any organization or individual have a positive and dramatic effect on creating an equitable and successful environment for not only our LGBT employees, but for all employees.” 
Cindy Solomon
President & CEO, Solomon & Associates, Inc.

“David Hall is a most remarkable person – exceptionally bright, thoughtful, sensitive… in Emerson’s terms, the ideal ‘Thinking Citizen.’”
Robert Coles, M.D.
Pulitzer Prize winning author of Children of Crisis
Harvard University Professor of Social Ethics

“In Allies at Work, Dr. Hall’s book offers practical tips on how straight allies can create a workplace and a worldplace that works for everyone.”
Richard Friend, Ph.D.
Founder of Friend & Associates, Inc. and co-host of Diversity Matters®.

"Dr. Hall makes a strong business case for a workplace that supports diversity. This book is full of valuable information and applicable scenarios and activities for your workplace."
Dr. Konnie McCaffree
President of Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Diversity Matters® Interviews Dr. David M. Hall

On this episode of Diversity Matters® the role of straight allies in promoting inclusion across sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is discussed.  Dr. David M. Hall, author of Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment joins co-hosts Judy Seidenstein and Dr. Richard Friend to explore tools and resources for being an ally at work and in the world.

Listen to the Audio Recording

About Dr. Hall

Dr. David M. Hall is a distinguished corporate diversity trainer and college instructor, having taught graduate courses in The History and Ethics of Human Sexuality, Sexuality and Law, Addressing LGBTQ Issues in School, and other related topics. His long list of clients includes JP Morgan Chase, Merck, the U.S. Department of Energy, PSE&G, The Hershey Company, and The University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Hall is a founding co-chair of Out & Equal Greater Philadelphia and a recipient of teaching and humanitarian awards at the national, state, and local level.

For more information about Dr. Hall, visit his website: David M. Hall Associates, LLC, and view a short video segment, Addressing LGBT Issues in the Workplace.

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