People of Color

People of Color Advisory Committee


Kirsten MacPherson, Boeing
Committee Members
Frederick Bowers, Deloitte
Earl D. Fowlkes, Jr, President/CEO, Center for Black Equity
Kevin Tyler, Ologie
Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale, Cook Ross, Inc.
Ana Duarte McCarthy, Citigroup
Keith Powell, Nortek
Bobby Wilkinson, USAA; Member, Out & Equal Board of Directors

Transgender Advisory Committee

Deborah Drew (Chair), Drew Quality Group, Inc.
Committee Members
Cathy Aull, Educator
Stephanie Battaglino, New York Life
Dr. Oliver Blumer, Physician
Meghan Buell, Educator
Jenna Cook, Johnson and Johnson
Brielle Darynn, Deloitte
Alexis Dee, Southern Comfort Conference
Lori Fox, Consultant; Member, Out & Equal Board of Directors
Vandy Beth Glen, Educator
Dr. Jamison Green, Educator
T. Leonard Miles, Educator
Jacqueline R. Patterson, Cummins, Inc.
James Scott P. Pignatella, Raytheon
Vanessa Sheridan, Educator
Michelle Smith, Boeing
Rev. Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC, Consultant

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Bisexual Advisory Committee

HBG at CVG 4 O+E

Heidi Bruins Green
Committee Members
Lauren Beach, Bisexual Organizing Project
Brent Chamberlain, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bell Canada
Faith Cheltenham, President, BiNet USA
Luigi Ferrer, BiNet USA Board
Dr. Susan Gore, The Mentor Group and Tennessee Freedom Network
Marie Hartung, Inclusion Consultant, formerly Microsoft ERG
Gary North, Journalist and Activist
Robyn Ochs, Educator, Author, Activist
Denise Penn, Vice President, American Institute of Bisexuality
Ellyn Ruthstrom, President, Bisexual Resource Center
Dani Siragusa, National Center for Lesbian Rights