Town Calls are monthly hour-long webinars at 12:00 PM pacific time, that feature guest speakers on current LGBT topics. We will discuss the issues, policies, benefits, trends and breaking news facing LGBT employees. This is an interactive learning experience with a Q&A session after each presentation. Town Calls are designed to help Employee/Business Resource Groups, Human Resources, executives and busy professionals. We also serve private sector, federal and non-profit employees. Town Calls are recorded so they can be used for training within your organization.

2016 Upcoming Schedule

August 25 — ERG/BRG Topics
September 22 — Marketing: How do we respond? Does my company sound LGBT?
October 27 — Summit Wrap-Up
November 17 — Transgender Focus
December 10 — HIV/Health Focus

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2016 Town Calls

August 25 — Next steps for Employee/Business Resource Groups!

Thursday, August 25 12:00 – 1:00pm Pacific Time
1 pm Mountain | 2 pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) came into existence to support diversity efforts to reflect the changing workforce and marketplace, create inclusive environments and connect underrepresented groups in the workplace. They were designed to change workplace climate and have a positive effect on an organization. Then came Business Resource Groups (BRGs) that were designed to use the momentum gained from the ERG and move the focus to a stronger business focus. ERG/BRGs are growing beyond just an affinity group but how does this growth impact employees who don’t identify with the ERG/BRG or would be included in several, called intersectionality. Whether you are just starting out, need to revitalize your ERG or take the next step to becoming a BRG, this month’s town call will bring in those perspectives and let you share you work as we discuss tools, research and next steps toward LGBT workplace equality and engagement that serve the bottom line!