Town Calls are monthly hour-long webinars at 12:00 PM pacific time, that feature guest speakers on current LGBT topics. We will discuss the issues, polices, benefits, trends and breaking news facing LGBT employees. This is an interactive learning experience with a Q&A session after each presentation. Town Calls are designed to help Employee/Business Resource Groups, Human Resources, executives and busy professionals. We also serve private sector, federal and non-profit employees. Town Calls are recorded so they can be used for training within your organization.

2015 Upcoming Schedule

July 30 — To market to market, reaching LGBT consumers!
Thursday, July 30- 12:00 – 1:00 pm Pacific Time
1 pm Mountain | 2 pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
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The robust LGBT consumer base represents a multi-billion dollar buying potential. Studies show that LGBT consumers are significantly more likely to purchase from and remain loyal to brands that reflect positive images of diversity and inclusion and that do proactive outreach to engage the community. This is a growing area in all media for companies as they expand their market share. Learn from industry experts and hear examples of successful campaigns from companies who are breaking down stereotypes in their advertising strategies. Gain practical knowledge that you can use within your company, no matter what size, to attract the ever sought after ‘pink dollar.’

August 27 — TBD

September 24 — TBD

October 29 — TBD

November 19 — TBD

December 17 — TBD

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