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Building Bridges towards LGBT Diversity: LGBT cultural competency including terminology, history and key concepts, business case for LGBT workplace equality, and action planning to include policy, practice and workplace climate changes.

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Train the Trainer: A 2-year certification course to use Out & Equal LGBT Leadership Diversity training materials in your workplace or practice. Provides in-depth work on the business case and how to evaluate your workplace.

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3 part Ally Development: Based on Dr David Hall's book "Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment, " this course proves the steps to move from awareness to ally to advocate regarding LGBT workplace equality.

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Building ERG/BRG Value: This series looks at the considerations to set up a ERG and analyze why you have the group, how to measure how well you are doing and how your executive sponsor can help create business value added organization.

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Dialogues on Gender Identity: Equality in the workplace based on Gender Identity has emerged as a major focus for companies in all sectors and around the world.  If you get transgender-inclusive benefits points on the Corporate Equality Index, is that all your company needs to do?  If you identify as transgender does that mean you will need to use the company transition plan or are you just changing your name and pronoun preference? If your ERG is working to be trans-inclusive, what are the best practices and what are some step by step ways to reach your inclusion goals?  Finally, how might you handle basic gender-identity-related workplace situations that face HR professionals, managers, allies and LGBT employees?

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Targeted AND Privileged: The Importance of Examining Whiteness within the LGBT Community: We work hard for LGBT workplace equality every day but do we hear the diversity of voices within the community? This course looks at privilege, micro-inequities and what we can do to change our worlds. Taught by Laurie Lippin.

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Virtual Summit Hurricane Series: During the 2012 Annual Out & Equal Summit, we experienced Hurricane Sandy and although over 1400 were able to attend, our featured panel and workshop sessions were disrupted. Many presenters couldn’t get to the Summit and many who wanted to attend were not able to get to Baltimore and missed the workshops that were held.  We also know that during the Summit, there are many choices and some of the sessions, attendees just couldn’t make it to all the sessions they wanted.

So we hosted a Virtual Summit, our Hurricane Series, that would bring online webinars of some of the highest rated workshops or those that were cancelled due to the storm.  Wishing you could share the experiences you had at Summit with your other colleagues?  This series can bring the Summit home and provide a platform for discussions within your Employee Resource Group. Thinking about attending in 2013?  This is also a great opportunity to see the caliber of workshops that are presented at the annual Summit.


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Marketing to the LGBT Community

The LGBT Market is a growing focus for corporations in the United States and around the world. Today, corporations are working to expand their LGBT customer base for products and services and searching for ways to attract LGBT employees through recruiting efforts which include how they show their workplace inclusion efforts. Join Bob Witeck, LGBT market expert and community activist and Rich Ferraro of GLAAD for this 3 part Out & Equal University webinar series to go in depth on the do's & don'ts of marketing to the LGBT community. The best practices, marketing data, and experience of major corporations will provide companies with the tools to create and expand their customer and recruiting outreach.

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Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality from Theory to Reality!

“Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality from Theory to Reality” is essential for examining the importance of coming out for LGBT employees, and for learning how we can create safe and supportive work environments, both in the United States and abroad. This webinar, led by Brian McNaught, is designed for LGBT employees, straight allies, affinity and employee resource groups, and human resources and diversity professionals.

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Harassed in the workplace? Lessons from Schoolyard Bullying!

Workplace bullying remains a significant problem on the job today, having an adverse impact on organizational effectiveness. Workplace bullying is often related to diversity, including but not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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Coaching for Leadership: A Powerful Next Steps for LGBT Career Development

Coaching is emerging as an effective leadership development strategy for the 21st century. Today leaders at all levels are increasingly turning to coaching for their own development and tapping the power of coaching to help their people develop. This webinar focuses on demystifying coaching and makes this transformative intervention more accessible for LGBT leaders at all levels.

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